1. Will you update me throughout the process of my project? Yes, every step of the way. I like to work hand-in-hand with my clients to assure customer satisfaction.

2. Will I get the source file to my illustrations? The answer is yes. At no extra charge.

3. Will I get a receipt for my purchase? Of, course. The client will get an email receipt after the purchase order.

4. If I don’t like a particular illustration, can I have it changed? Will there be an extra fee? All clients have the option of one-stage revisions free of charge.

5. Do you do book formatting? Sure. I can format your book with or without illustrations and images.

6. Can you help me to copyright my book? Yes, but there is a fee.

7. Can you design the entire book layout? No problem. I can design your book layout from the front cover to the back cover.

8. Can I provide my own photos for a specific book cover design? That’s not a problem. I am easy to work with and very flexible.