A couple of weeks ago I was listening to Way FM, a Christian radio station, and something immediately caught my attention. Way FM was conducting a fundraiser with Cure International (cure.org) to raise money and cover the hospital expenses of children who live in third world countries and need medical treatment. My heart grieved by this! With no hesitation, I quickly seized this opportunity as a way that I should give back.

Upon my research, I found that an alarming number of countries are failing to provide the most basic health services that would save lives. As of today, 30% of children in developing countries are not getting basic health intervention such as prenatal care, skilled assistance during birth, immunizations, and treatment for diarrhea and pneumonia. Wide disparities in health care for the poorest and best-off children are seen even in the highest-ranked countries. In the Philippines and Peru, for example, the poorest children are 3.2 times more likely to go without essential health care than their best-off counterparts. The poorest Peruvian children are 7.4 times more likely to die than their richest counterparts, while the chances are 3.2 times higher for poor Filipino children. Latin America, Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru have some of the world’s widest survival gaps between rich and poor children. In Asia, large disparities also exist in India and Indonesia.

The use of existing, low-cost tools and medicine could save more than 6 million of the 9.7 million children who die yearly from easily preventable or curable causes. They include antibiotics that cost less than $0.30 to treat pneumonia, the top killer of children under 5, and oral rehydration therapy — a simple solution of salt, sugar, and potassium — for diarrhea, the second top killer.

In closing, I am proud to announce that Author Champ Editing and Illustrations has decided to donate a certain percentage of each purchase order to Cure International in order to support the mandate of providing medical assistance to the poorest children around the globe. It is my obligation to take a stand and serve humanity with honor! Let’s fight this cause together and together we shall win!

A voice for our children,

Derrick Washington / 2019